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Arrive with intention.

Depart with a plan.

We at Cerro Verde Retreats are a group of healers with decades of experience with life, healing, and integrating mind, body, & spirit. We have worked with thousands of seekers in diverse settings, and know with certainty that looking within, looking ahead, and connecting our bodies with our hearts and minds is the path to self-control, contentment and peace. Casa Cerro Verde was built by our father as a vacation home that ultimately became his permanent residence in 1997. The location was chosen for its panoramic, breathtaking views and its proximity to San José, volcanoes, waterfalls, and coffee plantations, along with a desire to co-exist with la verdadera Costa Rica (the real Costa Rica). Friends and family have spent many days and nights enjoying all the magic that is the real Costa Ricahttps://bookretreats.com/s/yoga-retreats/costa-rica at and around Cerro Verde. Over the years, we have often contemplated allowing others to share this special place as a retreat location, and now that intention is our reality to share with you.


Meditation, Yoga, and Desire Maps Journaling connects you to self, others, AND the universe…

In order to feel whole and balancedhttps://bookretreats.com/s/yoga-retreats/wellness-retreats, healthy relational connections need to be made and maintained on three levels: First, with oneself: When you can look deep inside, be honest about all your strengths and flaws, and lovingly accept that you are simply a human being attempting to navigate this thing called “life,” you are connecting with yourself. Second, with others: Our need to know others and be known by others is an essential element of life that is fundamental across all humanity. When we are able to be truly authentic and vulnerable with another person, which includes all of our “good” and “bad” parts, yet still feel accepted and appreciated, we are realizing our need to be connected to others. And third, we have a deep, fundamental need to connect with Something or Someone outside of ourselves. When we are aware of the grandeur, infinite wonder, and implications of a connection on this universal level, we are left with a sense of gratitude and humility that inspires and leads to a happier, healthier life.

Meditation, Yoga, and Desire Maps Journaling provide a path to internal discovery…

The discovery of your true self is one of the most important and meaningful processes that can occur during your life journey. During the twists and turns and the hills and valleys of life, we may have lost our way to some degree and forgotten who we really are – or sometimes realize we never really knew. In order to survive and move forward, we may have developed facades – the faces we show the world – that have served as a means to try to cope. These facades are often complex and deeply embedded into our way of being. Identifying and unraveling elements that created these masks allows for the discovery of your true self, and in so doing you will find someone loving, grateful, unpretentious and full of authentic joy and happiness – you will discover your true self.

Meditation, Yoga, and Desire Maps Journaling are illumination for your exploration …

The willingness to openly explore your life with another is based on your feelings of trust, respect and acceptance. Looking inside and making changes in your life may be the most challenging and rewarding journey you will ever take. Finding a guide who can walk with you, point out the pitfalls and help you safely find your way to a better place is the essence of a successful healer relationship. Doing so with a trusted guide can lead to an emotional freedom from fear, and confidence in the present and future.