Alajuela, Costa Rica August 26-31, 2018: 6-Day CBD Yoga Healing Retreat

Alajuela, Costa Rica August 26-31, 2018: 6-Day CBD Yoga Healing Retreat

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Join Yogi Gabrielle Cohen for her CBD Yoga Healing Retreat!

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Gab Cohen is originally from the east coast and did her teacher training in Los Angeles.  The style of her classes is an invigorating fusion of Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Yin, and Bikram postures. Her classes will increase your heart-rate, get you sweating, and will provide a strong, cleansing, and relaxing practice.  

The CBD Yoga Retreat Experience is unique, and we will move beyond CBD’s usefulness as a pain-reduction tool. We are going beyond and will use CBD to guide us to greater awareness.  CBD therapy allows a deeper sense of self without the side effects of THC since CBD does not leave us with a drowsy “high” feeling. It is an all-natural compound that can enhance our capability to relax, surrender, connect, and find gratitude. Many CBD products will be available to you during the retreat: We will enjoy invigorating CBD-infused beverages from coffees, chai, teas, golden milks, mock -tails, kombucha, and CBD Cacao ceremonies to open the heart.  

YES ✅  CBD helps with depression, anxiety and insomnia. NO, it doesn’t make you high. CBD is also for pain and a stress reliever. It’s the perfect complement to yoga.  CBD Yoga can help us reach new limits within our practice, all while feeling calm, but not drowsy. CBD can enhance our journey inwards and truly let us be present and content, particularly when we practice yin and meditative flows. Yoga is about yoking the mind and body, and CBD provides a beautiful push in that direction, and aids with healing in so many ways. 

 YOGA AND MEDITATIONS: •AM class - yoga & meditation •Midday optional •slow yin vinyasa and/or mediation •Evening class slow flow yin and meditation •Sound healings and sound baths to deepen meditation practice •CBD Cacao Ceremony •CBD white tea/golden milk ceremony •Writing & journaling workshop •Manifesting your desires workshop • Art therapy •Options to hike to waterfalls and go to local town’s fresh markets for shopping. 2 Meals & snacks. Beverages(no alcohol included). Transportation to and from the airport is included.

YES ✅  Although it’s stripped of THC, CBD also has different levels of potency. Some tincture blends have awakening, balancing, or sleep inducing properties, and like cannabis, there are sativa, indica and hybrid formulations. Each yogi on the retreat will learn what is specifically good for her/his body and mind, and it will be a beautiful journey of awareness of how CBD can help us each in different ways. Join us for a life-changing experience!