Alajuela, Costa Rica March 11-15, 2019: 5-Day Ignite, Discover, & Restore with Zoe the Yogi

Alajuela, Costa Rica March 11-15, 2019: 5-Day Ignite, Discover, & Restore with Zoe the Yogi

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Join Yogi Zoe Thibeault-Stone for her Ignite, Discover, & Restore Yoga Healing Retreat!

Zoe grew up in Los Angeles, lived in New England for a while, and just recently relocated to New Orleans, which I absolutely love! I am 29 years old and married with no kids (yet). My hobbies include doing anything physical, especially camping and hiking. I also love cooking, for myself and for my loved ones, it's a way of relaxation. Generally, I like to live each day as positively as I can.

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I have a lifelong passion for healthy living, and believe that sustainable health comes from fostering the mind-body connection. I was first introduced to fitness in high school when my mother began taking me to her Sunday morning pilates class at the local YMCA. Soon, I became curious about other forms of fitness, and tried a yoga class. 

Since then, yoga has been a regular part of my life. At some points, I focused more on other aspects of fitness (weight lifting, endurance running, swimming, plyo etc..) and these were all awesome tools for me to learn more about my body. As I discovered physical fitness, I became inspired to be a part of the health journeys of other people, and began to work at the YMCA.

Over time, I came to realize that yoga was the only daily practice that improved both my mental and my physical health. It was at that point that I decided to get my certification and use yoga as a tool to improve the quality of life of those in my community. I got my 200 hr certification through Free To Be Power Yoga, a Baptiste affiliate studio, in New Orleans. Yoga has not only changed my life, but I have witnessed it change the life of so many people. I believe in it's power to transform the health of entire communities, and that's what I strive to do. 

The purpose of this retreat is to find wellness in all forms. Yoga isn't just a tool for physical well-being, it also is vital for mental health too. I teach Baptiste-inspired yoga, and I will implement the 3 techniques of Baptiste yoga into daily practices at this retreat: Asana (physical practice), Dhyana (meditation), and Niyama (self-inquiry). Physical practice will tap into your strength, while meditation will allow you to find presence and awakening. Lastly, and sometimes most importantly, self-inquiry workshops will open the door for possibility and new discovery in your life! These practices give you the access to your own vitality, power, and freedom!

Another aspect I can't wait to bring to the retreat is nutritional health! Instead of only having someone prepare healthy food for you, I will teach you the tools to take healthy habits back home with you! Cooking and eating well isn't a chore. It's an act of self-care, and should be filled with passion, fun, and creativity! I aim to inspire and lead people to preparing nutritious food for themselves as an act of self-love. I can't wait to lead workshops based off some of my favorite, fun recipes!