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What to expect at

Our Retreats


Discover the infinite well of wisdom and power available to you through the practices of yoga, meditation and ritual.

Explore the inspiring lands and wildlife of  Sedona and Costa Rica on adventurous hikes, tree climbs, boat trips, horseback rides and other group excursions.

We’ll enjoy beautiful locally harvested food prepared fresh every day. Dietary requirements and allergies can be accommodated.


Your day will vary based on the retreat you attend, but below is sample agenda of what a day may look like.

Wake up to an early snack of local fruits and coffee

Morning meditation to set intentions for the day

A 30-45 minute yoga session, focusing on rejuvenation

Hot breakfast, locally and sustainably made

Excursion, Desire Mapping©, or journaling

Lunch or a local picnic for excursions

Free time at the house or on the outing

Group activity at the property and light refreshments

A 30-45 minute yoga session, focusing on relaxation

Candle lit meditation outdoors

Dinner prepared in-house by our chefs