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Host a Retreat


We all need a break. And we want to help you take one, whether it’s through one of our Cerro Verde retreats or one that you create.

What’s Included

Let us help you design an adventure for lasting wellness. We can provide full access to either of our destination properties and ensure you make the most of Sedona or Costa Rica by sharing recommendations on tours, excursions and must-sees. Our passionate team of yoga instructors and our dedicated chef can also be available upon request.

Our team is available throughout the planning process to answer questions and offer suggestions on how to make the most of your retreat. Below are tried and true tips to promoting and creating an adventurous and authentic experience for our guests.


Promoting Your Retreat:

  • Begin your retreat planning at least six months ahead Plan ahead

  • Leverage your social presence and post about your upcoming retreat a few times a week

  • Create an Instagram account specifically for your retreat(s)

  • Suggest payment plans and timely deposits to guarantee a spot at your retreat



During the Retreat:

  • Have a theme and/or intention to create a holistic experience

  • Host an opening ceremony to share and explain this intention and ignite conversations to carry through your retreat

  • Make time to connect with each and every guest individually

  • Remember that you’re the host. This is extremely important especially for those who have friends in attendance

  • Encourage guests to participate in every activity and excursion as each contributes to the overall experience

  • Lead by example and be open, vulnerable and authentic

  • Lead a closing ceremony to reflect upon the intention/theme

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