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Founder’s Welcome

Thank you for considering Cerro Verde Retreats. We have created services and spaces intended to cultivate relaxation, reflection, connection, and introspection (and adventure for good measure!). Whether you “come with intention and leave with a plan” to our mindfully crafted retreats, or we help you create a unique retreat for your group, we look forward to meeting fellow seekers and new friends. 

-Stephen Odom, PhD


About our founder

Dr. Stephen Odom is a distinguished healthcare professional with more than 30 years of expertise as a C-Suite executive, owner, consultant, speaker, and therapist. Within the vast scope of his professional career, Stephen has remained grounded by the guiding principle that people can, and do, attain wellness and stay that way.

Stephen has long included wellness and mindfulness practices for his patients. He was trained in Mindful Stress Management practices by Mindfulness pioneer John Cabat-Zin. He has worked with thousands of people in diverse settings, and knows with certainty that looking within, looking ahead, and connecting our bodies with our hearts and minds is the path to self-control, contentment and peace.

As both a practitioner of and participant in wellness activities including breath & sound, bikram yoga, trail running, cycling, transcendental meditation, acupuncture, and reiki (to name a few), Stephen truly understands the mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual benefits of taking time to care for the body, clear the mind, and breathe. And with the creation of Cerro Verde Retreats, Stephen has manifested his vision of a community of seekers who want to, rather than have to… and that makes all the difference.